Tower Defense Game Review: The Great Siege

Today were reviewing the flash game “The Great Siege

The Great Siege @

Screenshot Of The Great Siege

The Great Siege

This is a another great defense game where you and your army have there own village and you can build troops in battle while opertaing a catapult.

How Do You Play?

Playing The Great Siege, Create your empire by selecting on the build button and select to build places such as, market, palace, barracks then take your battle to the field using the up and down keys and spacebar to fire apon the incoming invaders, All from across the land attempt to ruin your empire and claim war on your land. Show them you can put up a fight a play…

Screenshot Of The Great Siege
Screenshot Of The Great Siege

The Levels

The levels are the same but there are many upgrades on your defenses and you can send in your army on each level to help you out.

Overall Rating?

You will be confused at first playing it but then its a great game to be used to playing and some what addicting too.

Rated 8/10

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