Tower Defense Game Review: Buzz

Today were reviewing the flash game “Buzz

Buzz @

Screenshot Of Buzz


Protect the bee hive with your single bee and a huge gun. Pretty cool then u face a final boss that is a queen bee.

How Do You Play?

Playing Buzz, Protect the bee hive at all costs don’t let any get past you and attack the hive but with a small bee you get one big gun to play with in defending it. Using the wsad keys on your keyboard to move around and spacebar to fight your grenade launcher and left click on the mouse to fire as normal, Its auto reload too so don’t worry about that part.

Screenshot Of Buzz
Screenshot Of Buzz

The Levels

Even though as many games the levels are the same, All you really need to do is defend the hive from the invading bee’s and queen’s!…

Overall Rating?

Its more of a combat game than a defending one as your too busy blowing up bees to even consider defending the hive, But still a pritty funny and fun game to play when bored.

Rated 5/10

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