GemCraft chapter 0 - Zero

Yeah guys its here gemcraft capter zero.

Click to play the game

We will be adding the game to as soon as humanly possible as the game is on armorgames only until public release.

The level are bigger hard with more upgrades and features.


Screenshot Of Besieged


Gemcraft Chapter Zero

4 Responses

  1. gratty Says:

    This is only for the hardcore tower defense fan. They’ve made this a complex and massive time-waster. Lot’s of grinding via replaying levels is required acquire the skills needed to pass later levels. And skills? How’s 20 or so sound? Meh. But for those with time, this is like getting a carefully crafted video game for free.

  2. admin Says:

    I total agree with you gratty being a hordcore TD fan myself i like the game alot stay tuned

  3. Wanda Says:

    Great website! I add this site to my bookmarks! Thanks for webmaster!

  4. Lebigouden Says:

    I am a TD fan as well, and i discovered Gemcraft chapter zero a week ago. It is one of the very best TD game that i am aware of.. Enjoy!

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