Tower Defense Game Review: Besieged

Today were reviewing the flash game “Besieged

Besieged @

Screenshot Of Besieged


Defend your castle by placing single and double arrow turrets, cannons, oil and others as well as placing farms and mines for income and upgrades!, Each level gets harder and harder as they run into battle with you and your castle, Defend the castle!

How Do You Play?

Playing Besieged, From the bottom of the screen are on your left your turrets and on your right bonus buildings which help towards maintaining the castle and granting bonuses towards your income and turrets, Click the arrows to select different ones. The green numbers on the top is your bonus money and the gold is for turrets, Every incoming wave gets stronger and stronger so my suggestion is first to build small across the long path with as much gap between each as you can, Then from there you have more control over the fields and paths.

Screenshot Of Besieged
Screenshot Of Besieged

The Levels

The levels have different path way layout’s and some have different weather conditions, Each level gets harder and harder to do but some what great starting funds to start off with.

Overall Rating?

The music isn’t so entertaining but gladly they have a mute option which you can use too. Overall the style of the flash game is pritty well done from the castle itself down to the dusty path way right to the turrets themselfs. Although you are limited on selection of bonuses and turrets its still a pritty well done flash game.

Rated 7/10

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