Tower Defense Game Review: Defend The Castle

Today were reviewing the flash game “Defend The Castle”

Defend The Castle @

Screenshot Of Defend The Castle

Defend The Castle

Protect your castle from all invading stickmen that attempt to ruin your castle empire, Choose the upgrades and repairs to stay ahead of them!…

How Do You Play?

Playing Defend The Castle, Click and drag up with your mouse the incoming stickmen that attempt to destroy the castle. Using the upgrades you can turn them into your own forces into these buildings, Temple, Demo lab, Work shop, Mana Pool. Using your points you can spend them on repairs or new buildings for your castle. Also to turn a stickman into your own forces you need to build a temple then once built drag them into the middle of the castle, Then to use them as your forces click the flag on the building you created for it..

Screenshot Of Defend The Castle
Screenshot Of Defend The Castle

The Levels

The levels are the same but the stickmen get faster and faster, Then theres diffrent kinds of them with sticks and machines trying to do there best to destroy your castle!…

Overall Rating?

Your hand will tend to be sore, The “P” button works so you can pause during battle!…. Addicting as you want to gain all the upgrades while playing and defending your castle.

Rated 6/10

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