Tower Defense Game Review: Super Mario Defence

Today were reviewing the flash game “Super Mario Defence

Super Mario Defence @

Screenshot Of Super Mario Defence

Super Mario Defence

Take a trip on the evil side and protect your castle from mario and the other brothers that attempt to storm the castle, Build your defenses and block there attacks and attempts to break through the castle…

How Do You Play?

Playing Super Mario Defence, Use your mouse to scroll left and right on the map kinda like the worms game, And click and hold then just unhold to deploy your defense across the field.. Select a level to play at 1 to 20 diffrent maps and levels.. But if you do get clueless i would recommend taking the tutorial offer up when it asks you.

Screenshot Of Super Mario Defence
Screenshot Of Super Mario Defence

The Levels

The levels are different and each one has a different map to offer with a selection of weapons to boost. You get a selection of 20 levels to choose from to play and build apon.

Overall Rating?

If your a mario fan and want to see evil win over those annoying bros for once then this will be a great game to play and a very different type of gameplay to it too…

Rated 8/10

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