Tower Defense Game Review: Vector Tower Defence

Today were reviewing the flash game “Vector Tower Defence

Vector Tower Defence @

Screenshot Of Vector Tower Defence

Vector Tower Defence

A future based tower defense game all in neon type style with laser defense turrets all each with there diffrent skill. A great flash game for those who seek a sleek and addicting flash game.

How Do You Play?

Playing Vector Tower Defence, Playing the flash game is easy just pick a map with the level you want, choose your turrets and upgrades are there all the way to level 10 on each. The style of what the game is can infact make yourself addicted to it real easy but you’ll end up not bored from it too. you have a selection of 11 styles of turrets and 4 bonuses which are… long range, bonus damage, increase rev per kill, more lifes these bonuses don’t come often so beware of it alot…

Screenshot Of Vector Tower Defence
Screenshot Of Vector Tower Defence

The Levels

To start off theres alot of maps to choose from on diffrent levels, easy, hard, medium once choosen you’ll have to face 50 or so levels on each map you choose to play on. Some have great places for turrets while others don’t and make it hard for you to score out of the map… Overall a good selection.

Overall Rating?

The music builds up after each wave the music becomes more intense for the gamer which is awesome, A great selection of turrets, level upgrades and fair prices and bonuses…

Rated 9/10

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