Starland Multiplayer Tower Defense Guide

Hi guys AdminAnt today were are doing Starland Tower Defense this is not my personal guide i promised but a good guide that scores 4000 Score with a 20 lives.

His maze build is priity good but unfort he has to many emtypy spaces and is not affective enough to to slow the creeps down Fast enough.( we are talking about the yellow p0layer here).

The main thing to be worried about on the game is air defence.

make sure you the only u should think is air,air,air and air. Win air and you will win the game.

always build 1x rocket tower and a selection of debris tower ( very afective agiasnt bosses. Build 2 x frost turrts in different points of the map around the center so you get the air down aswell.

Hope this helps for you noobs at this game be sure and be ready to wait for my 40 lives walkthrough.

Have fun AdminAnt


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  1. Kevin Says:

    That was the noob maze of the year lol.

  2. trogfield Says:

    how about 5k for 30 lives or 5k for 20 l ives? i dont like the guide cause 4k is eays

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