Tower Defense Game Review: Phage Wars

Today were reviewing the flash game “Phage Wars

Phage Wars @

Screenshot Of Phage Wars

Phage Wars

You are a parasite which wishes to dominate all of the blood cells but other parasites are in your way… Build your parasite army and infect all other cells to dominate and win the battled match off…

How Do You Play?

Playing Phage Wars, You start off with only one parasite using that one parasite click on a other white cell to take it over, slowly but surely click the others you have turned into your colour before then taking on the other parasite colour to wipe it out and win the battled match off between you and the parasite.

Screenshot Of Phage Wars
Screenshot Of Phage Wars

The Levels

Each level your faced with more cells and more parasites, the level gets harder as sometimes you could be playing for ages trying to wipe out the other side while they try to wipe your side out. It can get complex but if you think of a plan to do it fast then you’ll have no proplem’s at all.

Overall Rating?

There isn’t any really good music so you may as well mute it but it does have that overall feel of under water parasite and virus feel to it. You could be playing for a long while as sometimes you just got to keep throwing parasites at them to win the battle.

Rated 5/10

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