Tower Defense Game Review: Gemcraft

Today were reviewing the flash game “Gemcraft”

Gemcraft @

Screenshot Of Gemcraft


As the demon’s and evil that lurks from every castle you must setup towers and block there way for them to attempt to destroy the villages and kingdoms, You must go through the whole map 1 by 1 and defeat the evil that lurks around these roams..

How Do You Play?

Playing Gemcraft, Place a turrent onto the map, The red parts state you can’t place there while other parts you can… Create the gems from scratch using your current mana flow and you can also mash all the gems together using the mix feature to make even more powerful gems to place onto the towers. Click a drag those gems onto the turrets and let the battle begin!… You have a selection of other options too which you can throw into the match for better results.

Screenshot Of Gemcraft
Screenshot Of Gemcraft

The Levels

You have a whole map to explore with diffrent maps and themes on each one, You go through diffrent evil demons and as always every level you do the harder they become for you. On the leftside is the level chart where it scrolls from level to level.

Overall Rating?

You’ll be hooked from the start in this flash game, You just got to keep up with it and plot out your gems right or else they’ll blast right through your defenses destroying the villages and kingdoms. Overall the music was great and sound effects were too but it was constantly looping sometimes so you might get bored easy with this…

Rated 8/10

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