Tower Defense Game Review: Metalix Tower Defence

Today were reviewing the flash game “Metalix Tower Defence”

Metalix Tower Defence @

Screenshot Of Metalix Tower Defence

Metalix Tower Defence

A japanese muti-commanding turret flash game where you have to setup and change your layout every time the red line changes, Adjust the turrets so there placed on the side of the line remember if they go infront then that will take damage on them too.

How Do You Play?

Playing Metalix Tower Defence, Place a selection of turrets across the grid map, Stopping any bots crossing the line to the core. You have a option of 3 diffrent turrets but these have very powerful upgrades, Such as range, power and other upgrades which are expensive. Fire can do 2 things which is slow them down and damage them, Laser zaps anything that comes near it with damage, standard turret constant shooting range.

Screenshot Of Metalix Tower Defence
Screenshot Of Metalix Tower Defence

The Levels

Even though the level remain’s constant you can pritty much plan out your defense from the start and build a overall strong defense from the invading bots that keep on coming, My advice would be to go beside the red lines in defense rather than plotting them all over the place at random which would help you gain more advantage from each incoming wave, The music seems to boost the addicting and loopy but you do get optional mute buttons.

Overall Rating?

It’s one of those games where at first your confused and donno how to play it, But then your 1 hour or 3 into it with full addiction too, Pritty unique flash game also.

Rated 7/10

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