Tower Defense Game Review: Space Battle

Today were reviewing the flash game “Space Battle”

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Screenshot Of Space Battle

Space Battle

This game is based around in the far away reaches of space it self, Where you have to defend the gateway between the planets from the incoming evil robots and aliens who try to invader the whole space system. Were you place them around the field to help defend the gateway between space itself and the other planets, Some don’t move while others can move around the map when the evil bots and aliens try to get past them and rush to the other side. The longer you last the better bonus you get for taking down each evil bots and aliens.

 How Do You Play?

Playing Space Battle, You control the defender robots and ships that are on the right side as shown in the pick on the right side, Just click and drag them into the battle field to get them defending the gateway which opens up the the rest of the space on the right side of the whole playing battle field. At the start as all games are some of these are locked i think there unlocked when you hit sertain levels in the game which you can then use them for yourself. As your rewarded for each alien and bot you wipe out your funds go up and you can construct more good bots to wipe out them even while the game is going which is great.

Screenshot Of Space Battle
Screenshot Of Space Battle

The Levels

The Levels are pritty diffrent compaired to normal games where it flicks from map to map, Instead it shows you a scrolling bar across the bottom which moves every so often you kill alien’s and bot’s on the field, Each level as you already know gets harder and harder aswell as more on screen evil bots and aliens to attack at and try to attempt to get through your defenses while you need to pickup the beat and keep constructing as you play and sometime’s you can run into ones which attempt to fly over all your defenses you make.

Overall Rating?

If your into these type of games were you got to build on the go with mass on screen evil in your face every two seconds while playing and sweating your brains out staring at the level meter as you play, While your so addicted and hooked onto it which is very easy to do in this type of game where you’ll forget the time and keep playing it no matter what. Then this game is for sure for you.

Rated 8/10

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